Senate District 29 Map

Senate District 29 includes portions Aurora (Del Mar, Expo Park, Aurora Hills, Laredo Highline, Aurora Highlands, Apache Mesa, Kirkegaard Acres, Saddle Rock, Tallyn’s Reach, Heritage Eagle Bend), and rural Arapahoe County (Watkins, Strasburg, Deer Trail, Bennett, Byers).

Senate District 29 Demographics:  The northern boundary is Colfax Avenue.  The western boundary is the Denver-Aurora boundary.  The eastern boundary is the Arapahoe – Elbert county line and the southern boundary stair-steps from Mississippi to Jewell to County Line Road.

This Senate District is ethnically diverse, 43% white, 32% hispanic, 18% black and 5% asian.  The district includes urban, suburban and rural regions but is entirely within Arapahoe County.


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