Public may never know true theater trial cost

KUSA – The state may never know how much the James Holmes’ trial will cost Colorado taxpayers. It’s already being called the costliest trial in state history, in part, because those who are defending Holmes decline to release how much public money they are spending to defend him, according to an investigation by 9Wants to Know.

Based on the little information released to the media, the trial is already costing at least $1.5 million.

The Colorado Public Defender’s Office has routinely turned down all requests, from journalists and legislators alike, seeking information on how much the office is spending to defend people like the man who killed 12 inside an Aurora movie theater in 2012.

On Thursday, a pair of state legislators will attempt to convince members of the Colorado House Judiciary Committee to open up the Public Defender’s Office to general public scrutiny, something that office has been able to avoid for years.

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