[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My career in public service has always been devoted to the public interest – whether giving voice to victims of crime or advocating for quality schools – I have helped draft, negotiate, and pass numerous pieces of legislation helping Colorado families. I am focused on everyday priorities, like tackling student loan debt, protecting the environment, expanding access to early childhood education, and ensuring fair wages for workers.

My priorities include:

Jobs and Economic Security
I grew up in a hardworking middle-class family, and I watched up-close as good jobs disappeared from our community. Through this experience, I intimately understands the importance of ensuring economic security and opportunity for all families. I will continue to work to expand Colorado’s small businesses in order to promote job creation and growth, and will also continue to advocate for fair wages and just workplace treatment for all workers.

Investment in Quality Education
I am a champion for quality public education, regardless of a student’s background, zip code, economic status, or how they learn. We must continue our work to expand early childhood education as well as workforce programs to prepare young people for success in their chosen fields. The importance of investing in classroom instruction, teachers and resource allocation cannot be understated.

Healthcare Access
We must ensure fair access to healthcare and preventive care for all. To this end, I support measures to decrease the cost of insurance, including allowing the Insurance Commissioner to regulate health insurance pricing. I will continue to forward initiatives to ensure that Colorado Health Connect does not limit the benefits currently available to Coloradans through the support of programs like Family Planning, Access, Care and Treatment.

Gender Equality
As your State Senator, I will continue to be an advocate for comprehensive health coverage, and make sure that we respect the reproductive decisions of all women. We must remain focused on addressing gender inequality and promote opportunity for all women. Colorado has been a leader on these issues, but we have much more work to do!

Veterans and Military Families
I grew up in military family. My father served and defended this country for 30 years, and my mother, as a “military wife,” was often left behind while her “love of a soldier” was deployed to combat zones across the globe. My father ultimately died due to complications believed to be associated with Agent Orange. I know what it means to be in a military family, and supporting our veterans will always be an issue that is close to my heart.

Fairness and Equality
I am, and will continue to be, a vocal advocate to advance workers rights, paternal leave, and the rights of the LGBTQ community. I fought to pass legislation allowing civil unions of loving couples before the historic Supreme Court decision, and will continue to fight injustice when it comes to all levels of identity discrimination. I have fought for numerous pieces of legislation to assist the undocumented in our state, and will never back down when it comes ending wage theft and discrimination against workers.

Protecting Our Environment
Thoughtful environmental protections and common-sense standards for oil and gas drilling should be a number one priority for our state. Beyond these standards, there are many more things we can do regarding the environment – such as improving energy efficiency – to save families money, make our businesses more competitive, create jobs, and reduce greenhouse gas pollution.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]