Thank you for making me your voice for legislative action!
We have 120 days to make the magic happen.

My 2015 Priorities include:

  • Education
    I will work to increase access to early childhood education and for equality in school funding.
    I will work with my colleagues to create innovative ways to reduce higher education costs while supporting and improving our world-class higher learning institutions.  We must have greater access for everyone who wants to improve their lives through education 
  • Public Safety and Crime Prevention
    I will work with those on the front lines of law enforcement to move the best ideas forward for Aurora and for our state.
    I will work to expand avenues and access to our justice system for victims of crime.
  • Budget
    Fixing Colorado’s structural budget deficit problems. We must come together as lawmakers to create balanced budgets through a smart and sensible balance of cuts and revenue.
  • Economy
    Promoting HD-42 and Aurora as a place to build and grow new and existing businesses. This talented, diverse community is ready to get to work! I will never stop fighting to bring growth and opportunity to the people that I represent.
  • Civil Rights
    I will never waver on my support of women’s rights to control their health care decisions and to receive equal pay for equal work.
    I support marriage equality and the end to all discriminatory practices based on race, religion, disability, gender and sexual orientation.
  • Clean and Renewable Energy
    I will support investment in research, development, and use of clean and emerging energy sources. Colorado is, and will, continue to be a leader in new technologies that balance our energy needs with preserving our environment.
  • Health Care
    I will work to reduce health care costs to increase health care access and coverage.