Legislative Update End of 2011 Session


120th Day Legislative Update – Nine Bills Passed

House Bill 11-1069 Physical Activity Expectation In Schools (Fields & Massey)

The bill directs each school district board of education and the state charter school institute to adopt a policy that incorporates a minimum number of minutes of physical activity each month, or each day if the school meets less than 5 days per week, into each elementary school student’s schedule. The state board of education is encouraged to include in the school performance report information concerning each school district’s and each public school’s incorporation of physical activity into the school day.

Status: Signed by the Governor, April 20, 2011

House Bill 11-1164 CU Hospital Authority Board Director (Priola, Fields & Boyd)

The bill changes who serves as the presiding officer of the board of directors of the university of Colorado hospital authority from the chancellor of the University of Colorado Health Sciences center to a university of Colorado hospital authority director designated by the president of the University of Colorado.

Status: Signed by the Governor On April 20, 2011

Senate Bill 11-087 Medical Exemption Tiered Rate Plan (Fields & Boyd)

The bill authorizes the public utilities commission to adopt rules creating an exemption from tiered electricity rate plans based on a customer’s medical condition.

Status: Signed by the Governor on March 30, 2011

Senate Bill 11-173 Interoperable Communications in Schools (King S., Fields & Gardner B.)

The bill makes schools safer in the event of an emergency. It authorizes schools and all local emergency agencies to share information, and to assure that all emergency communications devices and protocols are compatible.

Status: Signed by Governor on June 10, 2011

House Bill 11-1194 Develop Criteria Dementia Caregiver Certificate (Fields & Boyd)

Contingent upon the receipt of sufficient gifts, grants, and donations, the Colorado Alzheimer’s coordinating council will develop a proposal for a statewide Alzheimer’s disease and dementia care training certification program.

Status: Introduced, Defeated in the Health and Environment Committee

House Bill 11-1189 Bail Bond Conditions for 3rd DUI (Fields & King, K)

If a person is arrested for driving under the influence or driving while ability impaired and has been convicted of either offense at least twice previously, the bill requires the court to impose conditions on the person’s bail bond.

Status: Signed by the Governor on April 8, 2011

House Bill 11-1221 Legal Remedies For Consumer Credit Laws (Fields & Spence)

The bill adds legal remedies to the consumer credit laws that are enforced by the administrator of the “Uniform Consumer Credit Code.”

Status: Signed by the Governor, April 20, 2011

Senate Bill 11-187 Sunset Review Mental Heath Professions (Fields & Summers, Newell)

The bill continues the regulation on mental health professionals for psychologists, professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, addiction counselors, social workers and court family investigators. Created an oversight board, registry and made technical changes to mental health practice act statues.

Status: Signed by Governor on June 2, 2011

House Bill 11-1108 County Coroner Review Commission (Fields, Ryden & Carroll)

This bill creates a commission to look at the recommendations for qualification for state Coroner. Currently no medical background is required and counties hold elections on a partisan basis to elect corners instead of appointing individuals who are best-qualified for the job. This bill would examine whether coroner qualifications, elections and duties should be revised.

Status: Introduced, Defeated in the House Committee Local Government 6:5 party line vote.

House Bill 11-1037 Military Family Checkoff Extension (Ryden & Fields)

The bill extends the period for which state income tax return forms shall include a line allowing individual taxpayers to make a voluntary contribution to the military family relief fund.

Status: Signed by the Governor on March 1, 2011

Senate Bill 11- 272 Adult Stem Cure Fund Tax Check off Extension (Fields & Summers, Boyd) This bill continues the voluntary contribution designation benefiting the adult stem cells cure fund that appears on the State’s individual income tax return form for research at CU Anschutz Medical Center.

Status: Signed by Governor on June 2, 2011