[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Below is a comprehensive list of legislative initiatives that Rep. Rhonda Fields has brought forth in the Colorado General Assembly:


 Sunset Colorado Special Education Fiscal Advisory Committee (HB16-1171)

The Colorado special education fiscal advisory committee (committee) is scheduled to repeal July 1, 2016. The act continues the committee until September 1, 2021, and requires the department of regulatory agencies to review the committee before the repeal.

Status: Signed by Governor on 06/08/2016

Campus Sexual Assault Task Force (HB15-1296)

Brings higher education stakeholders together to conduct a study on the consequences of having disparate policies on sexual assault across campuses and institutions.

Employee Leave Attend Child’s Academic Activities (HB15-1221)

Allows parents to stay involved in their child’s academic life by recommending that parents be given 18 hours of leave per academic year to attend school related activities.

Grow your Own Teacher A Colorado Initiative (HB15-1349)

Encourages individuals who show interest in the teaching profession by creating the opportunity for interested parties to take a course affiliated with a college possessing an undergraduate teacher licensure program.

No Detention for Failure to Attend School. (SB15-184)

Inhibits truancy courts from requiring detention as a punishment for the failure of a student to attend school.

Reduce Student Contact with Law Enforcement (HB15-1240)

Encourages each school district to negotiate and enter into a memorandum of understanding with municipal law enforcement agencies and sheriff departments with jurisdiction over at least one school in a school district. The agreements are designed to minimize student contact with law enforcement.

School District Financial Transparency Reporting (HB15-1339)

Requires that school districts and school boards provide a chart of accounts and expenditures. These reports include details of salary, benefits, and expenditures.

Adult Education and Literacy Programs (HB14-1085)

Establishes a grant program for the creation of targeted adult education and literacy programs aimed at augmenting job skills and increasing opportunities for adults.

Minority K-12 Teachers Study Strategy Report (HB14-1175)

Creates a strategy for increasing the number of qualified minority teachers employed in Colorado classrooms.

Opportunity Schools Pilot Initiative (SB14-167)

Provides additional funding and support for alternative education campuses that serve populations of at minimum 95% high-risk students. Works to enable campuses with the implementation of research-based, transformative school models aimed at improving postsecondary and career success.

Requirement for a School Closure Plan (HB14-1381)

Leaving no child behind, this bill requires that a plan for reassigning students to other public schools must involve parents’ choice with regard to the public school to which a student is reassigned.

School Turnaround Leaders Development Program (SB14-124)

Provides a pathway for the cultivation of talent specializing in the “turn-around” of low-performing schools that need to experience significant and fundamental changes in instrumental practices as well as climate and culture.

Academic Acceleration School District Policy (HB13-1023)

Clarifies and codifies policies surrounding the treatment of accelerated students who engage in studies with older peers.

Basic Education and Career and Technical Education Pilot Program (HB-13-1005)

Recommends that an education board creates career and technical certificate programs to integrate adults who wish to enter or re-enter the workforce to obtain a better employment.

Physical Activity Expectation in Schools (HB11-1069)

Creates a standard requirement for schools statewide to provide at least 30 minutes of physical activity for students each school day.

CU Hospital Authority Board Director (HB11-1164)

Designates powers of the Director of CU Hospital Authority with relation to the preservation of public peace, health, and safety.

Interoperable Communications in Schools (SB11-173)

Brings public safety stakeholders together to address strategies to effectively communicate and relay information in the case of an emergency.

Public Safety

Missing Person’s Day (SJR16-006)

Concerning the designation of February 4 as “Missing Person’s Day” in Colorado.

Status: Signed by Speaker of the House 2/05/2016  

Tampering with a deceased human body (SB16-034)

Concerns the tampering of a deceased human body.

Status: Signed by Governor 04/07/2016

Extend statute of limitation sexual assault (HB16-1260)

Concerning extending the criminal statute of limitations for a sexual assault to twenty years.

Status: Signed by Governor on 06/10/2016

Update Crime Victim Compensation Laws (HB15-1035)

Gives victims of compensatory crimes relief from their debtors if they are dependents of the victim or the victim themselves.

Public Defender ADC Records open Records (HB15-1101)

Makes the records of the state public defender and office of alternate defense counsel in the judicial department subject to the act open to open records provisions, except for records that are privileged attorney-client records.

Parole Application and Revocation (HB15-1122)

Declares that it is in the best interest of the general public to devise a scheme by which an inmate’s parole eligibility and victim notification related to such eligibility is tied to the inmate’s acceptable institutional conduct.

Child’s Statements of Attempted Sexual Crime (HB15-1183)

Previous law required an out-of-court statement by a child who is the victim of or witness to a sexual offense to be admitted in evidence. The bill extends this evidentiary rule to attempted sexual offenses.

No Contact With Defense-initiated Victim Outreach (HB15-1218)

Requires any person attempting defense-initiated victim outreach who is contacting any victim of any crime to immediately provide a full and unambiguous legal name and the agent they represent.

Increasing Penalty Sexual Exploitation of Child (HB15-1341)

Increases the penalty from a class 6 felony to a class 5 felony for sexual exploitation of a child by possession of sexual exploitation material.

Police Data Collection and Community Policing (SB15-185)

Requires law enforcement agencies within the state to provide data on arrest, summons and custody, and on view, to the division for each calendar year.

Cyber Bullying (HB14-1131)

Adds to the crime of harassment the use of interactive computer service to engage in a course of conduct that inflicts serious emotional distress on a minor or places the minor in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury with intent to cause the fear of death or serious bodily injury or with the intent to cause death or serious bodily injury.

Statue of Limitation for Vehicular Homicide (SB14-213)

Increases the time during which a person maybe prosecuted for a crime of vehicular homicide from five to ten years.

Inferences for Marijuana and Driving offenses (HB13-1114)

Clarifies the schema under which a driver shall be assessed for driving under the influence.

Prohibiting Large-capacity Ammunition Magazines (HB13-1224)

Limits public access to large capacity ammunition magazines.

Background Checks for Gun Transfers (HB13-1229)

Requires background checks before an individual can transfer a gun to another.

Statewide Victim Information and Notification System (HB13-1241)

Creates a system that allows crime victims and other concerned citizens to access timely and reliable information about criminal cases and the custody status of offenders 24 hours a day over the telephone, through the internet, or by electronic mail.

Refer Repeal of Death Penalty to Citizen Vote (HB13-1270)

Insists on the need to give the public the right to vote to repeal the death penalty.

Youth in Foster Care and Identity Theft Protection (SB13-047)

Protects against identity theft for youth in foster care by giving children within the custody or supervision of the state or local government under the age of sixteen must the ability to obtain or receive free credit reports annually.

Assault Weapon Responsibility Act (SB13-196)

Establishes strict liability against a person who discharges an assault weapon for damages caused by the discharge.

No Firearms for Domestic Violence Offenders (SB13-197)

Prohibits domestic violence offenders subject to civil or criminal protection orders or convicted of crimes with an underlying factual basis of domestic violence from purchasing or possessing firearms or ammunition.

Emergency Medical Providers to Report Child Abuse (SB13-220)

Adds emergency medical service providers to the list of persons who must report possible instances of child abuse.

Penalty for Leaving the Scene of Traffic Accident (HB12-1084)

Holds drivers responsible when they are involved in an accident and flee the scene.

Hearsay Exemption for Developmentally Disabled (HB12-1085)

Makes an exemption to the hearsay rule and allows statements made outside of court to be admissible if the victim is developmentally disabled.

Escape from Community Corrections Program (HB12-1213)

Prohibits attempts to escape from community corrections programs from being classified as repeat offenses.

County Coroner Review Commission (HB11-1108)

Creates the county coroner review commission. The commission’s duties are to study the duties and responsibilities of coroners and determine whether the office of the county coroner should be an elected position.

Bail Bond Condition for 3rd DUI (HB11-1189)

Adjusts the bail bond condition for repeat DUI offenders.

Public Health

Colorado Children’s Health Day (HJR16-1019) 

Designation of May 16 as “Children’s Health Day” in Colorado.

Status: Signed by President of the Senate 05/17/2016

Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriptive Authority (SB15-197)

Gives advanced nurse practitioners the authority to prescribe medications to their patients.

Colorado Coroners Standard and Training Board (HB14-1380)

At the request of a coroner, the C.C.S.T. board may decide that a combination of education, experience, and training satisfies the requirement to complete twenty hours of in-service training annually.

Identification Card Issuance Standards (SB14-087)

Adjusts standards for the issuance of identification cards to people who are lawfully present in the United States but may have difficulty with certain documentary evidence.

Transfer of Coroners Standards and Training Board (HB13-1141)

Proposes to transfer Colorado Coroner’s standards and training from Department of Health to Department of Law.

Office of Health Equity CDPHE (HB13-1088)

Creates an authority charged with promoting health equity in Colorado by implementing strategies tailored to address the varying complex causes of health disparities, including the economic, physical, and social environment.

Simplify Procurement DHCPF Health Care Providers (HB12-1054)

Makes it easier for health service providers who have been approved to provide services to bill the state or any agencies.

Adult Stem Cells Cure Fund Tax Checkoff (SB11-272)

Gives citizens of Colorado the option to voluntarily give to the stem cell fund to help find cures to diseases through stem cell research.

Develop Criteria Dementia Caregiver Cert (HB11-1194)

Develops a certification program for caregivers and families of dementia patients.

Medical Exemption Tiered Rate Plan (SB11-087)

Creates a special electricity exemption rate for senior citizens with a condition requiring the use of medical equipment in the home.

Sunset Review Mental Health Professionals (SB11-187)

Sets the standard required to practice a profession in the mental health field. The bill creates a licensing and certification criteria for counselors, therapists and other professionals as recommended by the sunset review.

Sunset Continue Audiologist and Hearing Aid Provider (HB12-1205)

Sets standards for the ethical conduct of persons who engage in business related to persons with hearing impairments.


Colorado veterans’ service-to-career pilot program (HB16-1267)

Concerning the ‘Colorado Veterans’ Service-to-Career Pilot Program’, and, in connection therewith, creating a grant program through the department of labor and employment to aid work force centers in supporting veterans and their spouses seeking new employment and careers, and making an appropriation.

Status: Signed by Governor 05/20/2016

Employment Services for Veterans and Spouses (HB15-1336)

Creates a grant program through the Department of Labor and Employment to aid work force centers in supporting veterans and their spouses seeking new employment.

Veterans License Certificate Registration (SB14-208)

Reinstates the authority of a veteran who has not been dishonorably discharged to practice professionally.

Military Family Checkoff Extension (HB11-1037)

Gives an individual the opportunity to support our veterans and their families by contributing a relief fund through tax deductions


Water Conservation Common Interest Communities (SB13-183)

Implements a water conservation schema to mitigate drought across Colorado.