(HB15-1035) Update Crime Victim Compensation Laws
Will help support crime victims in Colorado by increasing the compensation received after an accident. This bill expands coverage a victim receives to include compensation in incidents where an accident causes injuries, which could render them unable to work. Would also protect middle class families by providing a safety net of assistance to dependents when their primary wage earner is killed in an accident.

(HB15-1072) Interactive Electronic Harassment
Protects Coloradan youth by expanding the harassment statute to include interactive electronic harassment, or cyber bullying. This expansion will help defend the over half of adolescents and teens that have been bullied online.

(HB15-1101) Public Defender ADC Records Open Records
Current law exempts the judicial department from the Colorado open records act (act). The bill makes the records of the state public defender and office of alternate defense counsel in the judicial department subject to the act, except for records that are privileged attorney-client.

(HB15-1122) Parole Application And Revocation
Clarifies procedures regarding parole for offenders under the supervision of the Department of Corrections (DOC) to align statute with current DOC practice.

(HB15-1183) Child’s Statements Of Attempted Sexual Crimes
Current law requires an out-of-court statement by a child who is the victim of or witness to a sexual offense to be admitted in evidence. The bill extends this evidentiary rule to attempted sexual offenses.

(HB15-1218) No Contact With Defense-initiated Victim Outreach
In any case involving a class 1 felony, the victim’s immediate family members and any witnesses in the case have the right to: Receive from the court a written explanation of defense-initiated victim outreach (DIVO) if the court has authorized expenditures for a DIVO specialist; and not be contacted by the DIVO specialist unless the immediate family member or witness has consented to the contact by providing a written notice to the court.

(HB15-1221) Employee Leave to Attend Child’s Academic Activities
Expands the types of academic activities for which a parent is entitled to leave from work to allow parents to attend meetings with school counselors in which the employee’s child is directly participating or academic achievement ceremonies, education nights, or other activities in which the child is directly participating and that contribute to the child’s academic progress. Additionally, parents are entitled to take leave for children enrolled in preschool as well as in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

(HB15-1240) Reduce Student Contacts With Law Enforcement
Each school district is encouraged to negotiate and enter into a memorandum of understanding with each municipal law enforcement agency and each sheriff’s department with jurisdiction over at least one school of the school district to minimize students’ contacts with law enforcement agencies and courts as disciplinary responses to school.

2014 Bills

(SB 124) School Turnaround Leaders Development Program
Creates the School Turnaround Leaders Development Program and award grants to school districts to develop school leaders capable of turning around low-performing schools.

(HB14-1175) K-12 Minority Teacher Recruitment and Strategy Report
Directs the Colorado Department of Education to conduct a study to improve the recruitment, preparation, development and retention of minority teachers across Colorado.

(HB14-1381) Requirements for School closure Plan
Requires a school district or charter to adopt a school closure plan as a requirement for closing a neighborhood school because of low-performance.

(HB14-1085) Adult Education and Literacy Programs
Will create a grant program for adult education and literacy training to help under- and unemployed participate in a workforce development partnership that will help adult enrollees find employment.

(SB14-022) Community Development Financial Institutions
Authorizes Community Development Financial Institutions to serve as a qualified holder and presentation of promissory notes.

(SB14-080) Statutory Prop Valuation Arbitrator Qualification
Cuts red tape and eliminates certain qualification that apply to property valuation arbitrators.

(SB14-213) Statue of Limitation for Vehicular Homicide
Increases the statue of limitation for committing vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of an accident to 10 years.

(HB14-1148) Victims’ Rights Act
Adds all crimes related to the commercial sexual exploitation of children to the VRA. The bill sates that victims have a right to receive a free copy of the initial incident report.

(HB14-1380) Colorado Coroners Standards and Training Board
Creates a higher bar to entry and ensures qualifications to run for coroner in Colorado.