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About Rhonda

Representative Rhonda Fields was first elected to serve the Colorado House of Representatives for the 68th General Assembly in 2010. She is the first African American woman elected to the state legislature to represent Aurora’s House District 42, Arapahoe County.

What I Believe

I am committed to a collaborative approach to solve today’s issues and tomorrow’s challenges.

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Rhonda has received endorsements from community leaders and businesses throughout the district.

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Check out some photos from the campaign and from my work at the Colorado State Capitol.

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From The Campaign Trail


Denver House Gun Control DabateAfter thoughtful discussion with voters and community leaders across the district, I am excited to announce my 2016 campaign to represent the people of Arapahoe County in the Colorado State Senate.

My rich history in Colorado and Aurora runs deep. From my first days in Colorado Springs while my Dad served in the military at Fort Carson, to my position in higher education at the University of Northern Colorado, to various leadership roles in Human Resources/Training at United Airlines, to the President of a non-profit in the honor of my beloved son, to my current public service as State Representative; I have a proven track record of leadership and in bringing smart, innovative and effective approaches to strengthening our schools, promoting safer communities, equal rights, economic security and access to affordable housing and healthcare.

I will be a strong and effective voice for Coloradans on these issues and others that impact our State in the Senate. I will fight to create an economy that works for everyone and not just those at the very top, because our businesses and families succeed when we have a strong middle class. I will work to ensure our kids get a quality K-12 education, have increased opportunities in our technical schools, and a chance to go to college without being hamstrung in debt when they graduate. And I will fight relentlessly to protect our air, water and our immigrant communities and our seniors.

Your support has been crucial to my success every step of the way, and I ask for your continued support on this journey to the Colorado State Senate. With your help, I promise to be a champion for hard working people and ensure that those who work hard and play by the rules have the opportunity to provide their children with a strong public education, and retire with security and dignity.